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Our Services

Strategy & General Mgt

Management in business and organizations means to coordinate the efforts of people to accomplish goals and objectives using available resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. Management comprises planning, organizing, staffing, leading or directing, and controlling an organization or initiative to accomplish a goal. B2bConsult will be analysing your organisation and business model in detail and work out a clear, thorough and
long-term company strategy to facilitate management decisions.

Procurement Mgt

Procurement is the acquisition of goods, services or works from an external source. It is favourable that the goods, services or works are appropriate and that they are procured at the best possible cost to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location. B2bConsult is able to assist your company with the following steps: Identification of needs, Supplier Screening and Communication, RFI/RFQ procedures, Contract negotiations and implementation, Supplier and Logistic Management.

Operational Mgt

Operational management is a specific area of management concerned with overseeing, designing, and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods or services. B2bConsult is able to assist companies in general process analysis, specific bottleneck issues, process improvement, resource planning & stock optimization through EOQ calculations.

Business Development

Business development is partially the analytical preparation of potential growth opportunities as well as the subsequent support and monitoring of its implementation. Both in the development and the implementation phase, B2bConsult collaborates and integrates the knowledge and feedback from the organization, for example R&D, production, marketing, and sales to assure that the organization is capable of implementing the growth opportunity successfully.

Marketing & Branding

Marketing is actively promoting a product or service. It’s a push tactic. It’s pushing out a message to get sales results. Branding should both precede and underlie any marketing effort. Branding is not push, but pull. Branding is the expression of the essential truth or value of an organization, product, or service. B2bConsult thoroughly analyses your current branding, marketing and sales strategy and will provide your company with the necessary pointers to increase visibility and improve brand awareness.


Financial management is concerned with the allocation of capital resources to increase a firm's value to the shareholders. ​ B2bConsult will analyse and assist your company in eliminating obsolete, manual processes and more effectively manage supplier relationships. Eliminate hidden travel expenses, management costs and optimize your asset and inventory profitability. Afterwards we will create a financial KPI dashboard and reporting structure to facilitate future management decisions.

Meet Our Team

Dimitri Bettoni - Owner

Dimi originally started his career early 2000, in the port of Antwerp, where he set his first footsteps in the field of international logistics. After several exciting years in Antwerp he decided to make a career change. First he started as manager of a technical oriented department and afterwards as site manager for a global logistics supplier. Before starting his own management company in 2011, he held a mid-level management position at one of the handling companies at Brussels National Airport. Over the years he gained extensive experience in the field of operations, turnaround, change & general management with continuous focus on finance. Dimi currently holds a position as Chief Executive Officer for a worldwide logistics service supplier, active in the bio pharmaceutical industry.

Graduated Marketing Management at GroepT - Leuven and ​obtained a postgraduate degree in Operations Management at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

Frédéric Peelman

In the early days of his career in 1996, Frédéric started working at Securex, one of the HR specialists in Belgium. He gained insights in wage & tax calculations and developed his knowledge in social regulations. Afterwards he reoriented his career and joined an international logistics company where he acquired the necessary operational insights. He was consecutively responsible for accounting, finance and operations for many years. The last couple of years, Frédéric has been focusing on sharpening his commercial skills. Currently he holds a position as Business Development Director for a company where he is in charge of strategic alliances and international business development projects.

Graduated Accountancy at EPHEC Haute École Économique - Brussels.

Danny Mulder

Danny has acquired a vast experience in a variety of sectors. The main focus has always been sales and business development as a red thread throughout his career. In 2000 he started working as an account manager for a reseller in the automotive industry. After a couple of years he made a career switch and became responsible for various sales and marketing events for a company specialised in indoor events. By 2009 Danny decided to become a freelance consultant for MSX International & Bridgestone Europe and several other companies specialised in the construction industry as well where the focus was mainly on business development and project management.

Graduated Marketing Management at GroepT - Leuven.

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